Saturn Isuzu dealership owner Gary Moe has put the pedal to the metal on a new business venture. Moe plans to open the doors June 17 on a new Mazda dealership on Gasoline Alley on the east side of Hwy 2. By the fall he expects to have $2 million worth of used vehicles and $1.5 million worth of used vehicles on the lot of Gary Moe Mazda. That’s in addition to the $1.5 million worth of used and $4 million in new vehicles he will have at the Saturn Isuzu dealership he’s run at 7620 50th Ave. for the past 14 years. Moe said he’s spent about $2.5 million building the 12,000-square-foot Mazda dealership and buying the five acres of land it sits on. About 3.5 acres will be developed now with the rest available for future expansion.(source:

He’s been thinking about a Mazda dealership since the last one closed down in the city about five years ago. “The timing seemed to be just right,” he said. “Mazda has come a long way in the last five years. They’ve got some real good product.” Mazda also offers vehicles, such as a five-door multi-purpose van, that aren’t available through Saturn. “Because they have that MPV it really complements the product line they have now,” he said of the Protege. Besides giving existing customers another option, the Mazda line will bring in new business, he said. “We like to think that it’s not going to be big competition to our existing clientele, we are just going to have a lot more to offer the customer.” Mazda also has other models coming out that are expecting to be hot sellers. “

They did about 70,000 cars in Canada last year, which is just a big number. And they’re growing, they’re growing leaps and bounds.” The new dealership will have a shop to handle all makes and models and a full detail centre, replacing a rented bay in the north end. The move south also puts Moe in position to take advantage of the traffic generated by the big box retailers such as Wal-Mart and Home Depot who have set up shop there. It puts the dealership in eyeshot of the thousands of vehicles on Hwy 2. “The north hill has been a really good place to buy cars for many years,” he said. “Our traffic is fabulous up here and we do really good business up here.” The other end of the city though is becoming a major stop for shoppers, including those from outside the city. “I think that south hill has a lot to offer.

There is enough people coming to Red Deer to shop. Obviously, there are a lot more people than the 70,000 people who live here. We have a big trading area. “The location is just going to be dynamite.”