A computer and telecommunications recycling facility in Rimbey is expected to create at least 100 jobs within the next two years. Maxus Technology Inc. of Calgary will open the facility in the old parks and recreation building in August or September. Clayton Miller, spokesman for Maxus, said the facility will employ about 100 staff and process more than 2.2 million kgs. of electronic waste annually when it’s fully operational in one or two years. Rimbey’s central location and the price of the building made it a very attractive location for the operation, he said. The company has been advertising to fill supervisory positions. One of the company’s long-term goals is to expand the facility to 40,000 square feet from 23,000 square feet, added Miller. Miller said there is a growing demand for businesses that recycle computers, which are considered hazardous waste. For example, there is about 1.7 kg of lead in the glass of a computer monitor. The lead is added to protect users from radiation. Miller said computers and electronics shipped to the Rimbey facility will be refurbished and sold, or broken down into their metal and plastic components. The copper and gold will be sold on the world market. The glass will be ground and mixed with a compound that binds with the lead, preventing it from leeching into the environment. Maxus is looking at ways to manufacture secondary products, such as cement, from the plastics and the glass, said Miller. “Public pressure will force the powers that be to take note of this issue,” he said. Rimbey Mayor Dale Barr said Maxus is an environmentally friendly industry that fits right in with the town’s long-term plans for economic development. The facility is the first in several years to generate substantial employment in the community, he said. Barr said the long-term employment prospects are positive. The services Maxus provides will be in demand across Western Canada and the northern United States as long as computers exist, he said.