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IPS/Inter Press Service - North America, Inc. was established in July 1997 as a not-for-profit corporation in the State of New York . The Organisation is exempt from income taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The purpose of the Organisation is to enhance the free flow and dissemination of newsworthy information to and from developing nations to the North American media, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), policy-makers at the United Nations and specialised UN agencies, learning institutions and other organisations that are involved in social, economic and educational issues affecting primarily developing countries.

Our news service aims to strengthen South-South and South-North flows of information by making news about the developing world available to these entities.

Specially edited for the region's readership, the news service distributed by IPS North America is a selection of independent, international news and features or services which focus on reporting global processes and issues of development in the countries of the South.

As part of what is known as "development journalism", our news service aims to help correct the imbalance of news provided by the mainstream media by providing contextualised news that focuses less on specific news events and more on the processes, institutions and trends which make those events understandable to readers , from U.S. environmental policy to the work of the World Bank and the United Nations system.

IPS reporters, from Washington to Ottawa, analyse local and foreign policy developments with an eye to what is happening behind the scenes, on the streets, and under the radar of most North American media. What does a Conservative Party win really mean for Canada 's social welfare system? Why is the neoconservative agenda so long embraced by the Bush administration starting to falter? How are U.S. states working together with Canadian provinces to slow global warming?

The real value of IPS North America is in providing coverage of issues of pressing public concern which do not receive much attention in the mainstream press. Media and non-media institutions, including NGOs and research institutions, can receive selected reports electronically, such as e-mail newsletters or RSS feeds.

For the United Nations agencies and North American development agencies, we provide a selection of our news through TerraViva, the IPS Daily Journal, ( which is also delivered by overnight fax or e-mail .

Thalif Deen
UN Bureau Chief & IPS Regional Director, North America
Thalif Deen, U.N. Bureau Chief and Regional Director, Inter Press Service (IPS) news agency, has been covering the United Nations since the late 1970s. A former deputy news editor of the Sri Lanka Daily News, he was also a senior editorial writer on the Hong Kong Standard. He has been runner-up, and cited twice for "excellence in U.N. reporting", at the annual awards presentation of the U.N. Correspondents' Association. A former Information Officer at the U.N. Secretariat, and a one-time member of the Sri Lanka delegation to the U.N. General Assembly sessions, he is currently editor of the IPS UN Journal Terra Viva. Since the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, he has covered virtually every single major UN conference-- on population, human rights, environment, social development, globalization and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). A former Middle East military editor at Jane's Information Group in the U.S, he is a Fulbright-Hayes scholar with a Master's degree in Journalism from Columbia University, New York.

Room S-407, United Nations, New York NY 10017
Email: thalifdeen[at]



Katherine Stapp - Editor in North America and the Caribbean

Editor Katherine Stapp, based at the U.N. Headquarters in New York, is a member of the editorial pool with prime responsibility for the journalistic production from the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean. She manages a group of influential writers based in places like Washington, Kingston, New York, San Diego, Tampa, Montreal, Brooklin, Vancouver, Atlanta, and Berkeley, among many others. She coordinates with the Editor in Chief, and forms part of the IPS editorial team.

Katherine has written for IPS since 1999. Her work has been cited twice by Project Censored. In 2001, she was awarded the New Horizons in Science Fellowship, a Council for the Advancement of Science Writing (CASW) grant. She has written numerous stories on health and environmental issues, including a six-part series for IPS on Gender, HIV/AIDS and Human Rights that examined issues such as equal access to care, gender differences in ARV treatment, the advent of rapid testing techniques, and NGO strategies to increase AIDS funding. Based in New York City, she is a graduate of the Columbia School of Journalism.

Email: kstapp[at]



Kanya D’Almeida - Editor Asia-Pacific and staff writer

Kanya D’Almeida handles all content from the Asia-Pacific region, working with a team of local reporters spread across over 20 countries.

Prior to joining the editorial team, she worked in IPS’ Washington Bureau, covering the Bretton Woods Institutions and Obama’s trade and foreign policies in the global South.

From 2010-2011 she acted as IPS’ United Nations Correspondent, reporting on power disparities in the world body, with a strong focus on the rights of women and the environmental impacts of economic development.

As a freelance journalist, she has covered human rights issues in Mexico, Sri Lanka, and the United States. Her work has appeared on Al Jazeera, The Margins, Truthout and Alternet, among others.

She splits her time between her native Sri Lanka and New York City.

Email: kanyaldalmeida [at]

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